ArthroMAXX and MAXXOS Instruments

Instruments for Arthroscopy and Foot and Ankle as well as standard basic instruments

MAXXOS Instruments

MAXXOS Medical offers a wide range of standard basic instruments as well as special instruments for the Foot and Ankle and Arthroscopy. The Arthroscopy instruments are covering nearly all joints from the shoulder to the ankle with an incredible cutting ability. The system doesn’t use a hinge in the jaw and therefore it supplies a very powerful workforce combined with various handles it is one of the most comprehensive systems in the world. The MAXXOS special instruments for Foot and Ankle offers also a wide range of special required instruments for the treatment of Forefoot/Midfoot/Hindfoot/Ankle and it is surrounded by the standard basic instruments.

Features & Benefits

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  • Various plate options for various indications in Fore-, Mid-, Hindfoot & Ankle
  • MVA Locking Technology
  • Easy to Use Instruments with a simple color coding system
  • Option to built every set and tray after the surgeons preference
  • The hole System is P-Precise , A-Acurate , C-Comprehensive , E-Effective in the whole usage.