The company

MAXXOS-Medical is a European based global acting orthopaedic device company focused in lower and upper extremities. We are focused on developing, manufacturing as well as marketing special product solutions to treat all various indications in the lower and upper extremities:

The whole team works in strong collaborations with surgeons and university hospitals world wide to design (P.A.C.E.), precise, accurate, comprehensive and effective product solutions.

our mission


MAXXOS-Medical collaborate with surgeons and hospital to develop the best possible implants and instruments that addresses all difficulties that you may face during interventions. Our target is to improve our product portfolio together with our surgeon inventors and University Hospitals as well as the Post Market Surveillance process to control the effectiveness of our products to get better informations about future developments.

The main goal in our company structure is to assure you that we immediately identify and develop new innovative solutions for the foot and ankle society. The entire product portfolio is a result of strong collaboration with well known foot and ankle clinicians and societies.


Our goal is to connect foot and ankle surgeons globally. Our global distribution network allows us to come together with all foot & ankle surgeons interact with all of you.

Our company and distribution organisation enables an easy communication channel between the foot and ankle surgeons all over the world with MAXXOS-Medical.

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