For Forefoot / Midfoot / Hindfoot and Ankle


MAXXOS-Medical GmbH offers a wide range of Foot & Ankle compression screws and staples for various indication in Foot and Ankle. It is one of the most comprehensive system available in the market. In strong collaborations with surgeons and university hospitals world wide we designed the DuoFix and Staple family. The easy to use color coding system and the incredible thread geometry of the screws leads to a very efficient compression and it makes the system very easy to use in operation.


The DuoFix Compression Screw and Staple System offers various Features and Benefits

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Compression Screws for Forefoot / Midfoot

Compression Screws for Midfoot / Hindfoot and Ankle

Compression Screws for Midfoot / Hindfoot and Ankle


Efficient and easy to use color coded instruments for the various sizes of compression screws

Very easy and nice color coded instruments for the C-Fix Staples and W-Fix Weil Fixation Screw

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