L.I.F.A. MIS Burrs & Reamers

for Forefoot / Midfoot / Hindfoot


The MAXXOS-Medical GmbH L.I.F.A. Less Invasive Foot Application range that contains out of burrs and reamers as well as instruments offers all option the surgeons need for the Minimal Invasive Foot surgery.

The whole set up was developed with high experienced surgeons in Foot and Ankle and the Minimal Invasive operation techniques.

Features & Benefits

The MAXXOS Medical L.I.F.A. Less Invasive Foot Application reamers and instruments offers various Features and Benefits.

  • One of the most comprehensive Minimal Invasive Burrs and Reamer system in the market
  • Very sharp cutting design
  • Solutions for all kind of MIS Forefoot and Hindfoot treatments
  • Oblique compressions screw with the same design parameters of the standard ø3,0/4,0mm compression screw.